Decorating For The Holidays With The Kids

When you involve your children in the holiday decorating, you build long lasting memories and fantastic keepsakes. If youre looking for kid-friendly, mess-free holiday decorating projects for you and you kids with step-by-step instructions, I am excited to pass on these ideas to you.

Be sure to put the date on the back of your crafts to turn them into timeless keepsakes. Next year, your kids will see the artwork from the previous year (and the fun that they had) when you unpack the holiday ornaments and decorations. Just the memories of the fun times that they had will inspire them to create new holiday crafts year after year. They may even come up with some great ideas on their own!

Mess-Free and Kid-Friendly holiday dcor:

Decorate pictures with Santa: Craft some home made frames to adorn the pictures of your kids on Santas lap. Decorate them with holiday foam, pieces of wrapped candy, holiday colored buttons, scraps of ribbon, mini bows made with the mini Bowdabra, and other creative embellishments to give them a festive appeal.

North Pole sign: Look around the house for recyclable materials, such as wrapping paper tubes. Wrap some white and red ribbons around the tub to create an innovatively made candy-cane looking pole. A cardboard box can be cut to add the sign to the top of the pole with any creative decorations you choose and write the words, North Pole on the sign with glittery glue.

Handprints: Childrens handprints are the best keepsakes, as they change in size every year. Cut out handprints from holiday fabrics, green and red construction paper, or other materials of your choice. You can glue a bunch of the handprints together (in a mish-mash way) to make an adorable holiday wreath.

Getting your kids involved in the decorating for the holidays will open up their imaginations and encourage them to get their creative juices flowing. Dont forget to check out the Crafters 4 Kids website for other great holiday projects, too!