Fun DIY Art Projects For Your Family

One of the primary problems that many parents face today is how to bring back the quality time with children that was lost with the advent of dual jobs and many long hours of overtime in the office, which has been heightened especially in the face of the global financial crisis and the major recession affecting almost every household in the country. If you are one of the parents who are looking for ways to bridge the growing gap between you and your children, home art projects may be the solution you are looking for.

DIY art options
There are various do-it-yourself home art projects that can be done inside the home. Contrary to popular belief, these art projects are also ideal for people looking for affordable ways to reconnect with the family on a budget. With the right project ideas, there is no need for anyone to begin spending large amounts of money on professional quality paints and artists brushes that can leave gaping holes in any average household’s budget. Here are some of the best do-it-yourself home art projects that you can try out for yourself.

Patriotic cards
Whether for the fourth of July or simply as a year-round sign of you and your country’s love for the motherland, patriotic cards are one of the beginner’s home art projects that you can look into. Using classic American themes ranging from the flag to the good old American eagle, the patriotic card is both easy to use and a hands-on activity that is perfect for your young children. To do this, the only that you need are some art papers, glue, a pair of scissors, and some marking pen for drawing in the details of your project. One of the basics is to draw a card in the image of a flag. Let your children explore their creative side through the use of various art elements to decorate the card, aside from the main motif of the flag. For very young children, help them out in using the scissors for safety.

Home-made art jigsaw puzzles
This is a multiple purpose activity that is wonderful not only for developing your children’s artistic capabilities, but which also provides a reusable game for you and your family in the end. The materials used for this project are poster paints, a paint brush, cardboard, and scissors. Begin by making a sketch of your children’s favorite design. It could be classic themes such as the cowboy image for your boys, or a fairytale princess fantasy drawing for your girls. Next, color in the images and use marker pens to make the edges stand out. Once the cardboard has dried, use a pencil to draw in the typical jigsaw puzzle lines in the cardboard. A trick to doing this easily is by first making a grid on the paper, and then adding the curved edges on the jigsaw pieces. Use a cutter for cutting up the cardboard, and voila, you have your own home-made art jigsaw puzzle for entertainment and to foster creativity in your family.

There are many other options to try out. Look for children’s art activity books for more ideas or the online home art projects sites. Just remember, keeping close family ties does not have to be difficult – with home art projects.